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We are a big network ... well not that big ... ok, a few guys, enthusiastic about marketing and web development. 


We like to work ... ok, we don’t like to work ... we are passionate about creating stuff. What kind of stuff? Well, check the Services area (hope Marcel published on the site).

*Marcel is our web developer (he likes wine to much).


And we’re invisible, you know, like Casper, but with a smaller head, and clothes and stuff, we’re not naked.


NB: you could find some grammar errors, we were afraid to pass the texts to our copywritter (Anda), she is like a spelling dictator. 

Where to find us

You can find us, physically at work (yeah, we have other jobs, like regular people, except Marcel, he always is in a winery).

How do we work?

We work remotely so you can be anywhere around the world (except for people in tropical islands, we hate you). But make sure you have internet. we’re ghosts, not telepaths (maybe we put that in our services, but marked it with red, so...)


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